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Minnesota Senior Men's Amateur Baseball Association

Hall of Fame

Preserving and honoring the players, managers, and architects of the MSMABA

Left to Right : Pete Chubb, Dave Sobiech, Tom Dokken, John Gilbert, (Not Pictured : Jerry Maas)

Left to Right : Bob Lattery, Colin Quinn, Mrs. Grant Anderson (Representing Husband Grant), Pat Thompson, Joe Comer

Left to Right: Mrs Scott Stein (representing husband Scott), Steve Biehn, Jim Mladak, John Breischke, Phil Ketterling, Bob Fernholtz



Year Inducted

Grant Anderson


Jay Befort


Steve Biehn


John Brieschke


Pete Chubb 2017
Irv "Scrub" Coleman 2014
Joe Comer 2016
Tom Dokken 2017
Bob Fernholtz 2015
Dave Gaulke 2014
Duane Gaulke 2014
John Gilbert 2017
Don Giesen 2014
Joe Jensen 2014
Phil Ketterling 2015
Bob Lattery 2016
  Jerry    Maas 2017
Jim Mladek 2015
Dennis Pond 2014
 Dave Sobiech 2017
Scott Stein 2015
Pat Thompson 2016
Colin Quinn 2016
Jim Wells 2014


The MSMABA Hall of Fame is located in Jordan, Minnesota at 

Clancy's Bar and Pizza Parlor

220 Triangle Lane North, Jordan, MN